Wine Club Software Only


Affordable, easy and powerful wine club solution


Wine Club Software Only

$1,000 one time implementation fee.


Transaction fees: $1.00/ship, $0.75/pickup, volume discounts apply.


We at Active Club Solutions have developed the ultimate customizable wine club software. Our robot works for you 7/24! It is able to complete tasks in seconds that would take the average person hours to complete.

Some of our wine club software features:

  • extensive Customer data features
  • gift and prepaid membership features
  • membership in multiple clubs
  • club automation wizard – customizable steps
  • address validation, email address validation, proximity calculation
  • calculates package weights, custom discounts, handling fees, shipping fees, origin and destination taxes instantly
  • fully integrated shipping, real-time rates, label printing and tracking
  • the latest and smartest in member choice / allocation systems allows¬†wine club members to select their own wines for shipment
  • placeholder clubs – reusable abstracts can greatly simplify a club program
  • automated assistant for declined credit card and revenue recovery
  • easy personalized Customer emails sent from where your working
  • customizable wine club software handles company specific exceptions
  • employee incentive system
  • automated anniversary (2) and birthdate emails (2)
  • automated weather
  • automated club management tools
  • unparalleled search provides an astonishing set of query tools – like,… show: members with a non-payment history
  • database change tracking and job queue with log