Some wineries have tip lines on their POS receipts and others do not allow tips at all. Other wineries casually place a tip jar on their counter/bar discreetly. Whether your winery allows tipping or not it is usually a philosophic choice that the winery makes. Nevertheless, wineries who would like their staff to collect tips on the ticket often face challenges with their current POS system, as their current system does not allow flexibility in software technologies to be able to create a tip line.

Taking the tipping issue into account, Active has two ways in the POS system that allows Active clients to manage tipping the way they choose. The first option Active offers in tipping management is to offer “on-screen” tip suggestions. With this option the customer/guest selects which amount/percentage to tip based on the screen choices such as:
• 10%
• 15%
• 20%
for example. Another option Active can customize for the winery, is to offer tipping like traditional, restaurant style tip tickets. Here the customer/guest has the ability to write in an amount to tip that is put onto and paid by the customer/guest credit card presented. Or, the customer/guest can leave the tip portion blank and give a cash tip instead; just like a restaurant setting.

However you, the winery, want to address tips, Active has you covered. Active’s easy iPad POS is designed for busy winery tasting rooms, craft beverage businesses, and retail locations. It includes powerful club features, inventory management, alcohol shipping, tips functionality, and kitchen/fulfillment printing built right in. It communicates live with your unique master database so it is always current with customer and inventory data. To request a DEMO contact Thomas@activeclubsolutions.com directly. Or, visit our website for more information at www.activeclubsolutions.com.


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