The Right POS Can Save Time and Money

Sure, it’s just mid-November. Your winery is still deep in the 4th quarter revenue programs in your chosen DTC channels. You expect fourth quarter to be THE money-making time for your winery as it is for most in most years. Checking reports frequently to see how projections match against actual, is what you’re doing with your fingers crossed. This prompts you to think “are we really getting the bang for the proverbial buck in revenues and efficiencies with our current business programming and sales systems?”

November is THE time to reassess your current sales systems as year end is fast approaching and you need to have updates and new integrations researched, planned for, and approved in the budget well before the new year. The quiet time within the wine business is typically in the new calendar year where changes in systems and new technologies are implemented. You really don’t want to wait until after the holidays to begin this important process. 2019 is right around the corner with time off for holidays upcoming limiting the actual working revenue days remaining in 2018.

While you are in the middle of the last push within the busy season, it’s time to checklist your systems. Did you have constant API interruptions impeding your business flow to the customer after an online order? Are calls dropping or orders being missed if you have a call center onsite at your winery? With outsourcing certain tasks, are orders/profiles being duplicated at every channel even though the customer has a defined profile at your winery? These and more issues are things to consider and assess of your sales systems. To manage a customer profile do you have to use 3 or more sales systems to process the entire order or manage a profile update?

Essentially your reports, research efforts and documented issues can direct you to see where your sales systems failed you and your winery business plan. Now you need to think about how to better your systems and streamline the channels to give you peace of mind in the next fiscal/calendar year! What you really should look for and consider is an all-in-one system.

You want and need a sales system that is easy to train and easy to use. You want to save time and money, so efficiency is most important. You secretly want a member login that “gels” the fact you are using an all-in-one solution. You either already have multiple tasting room locations or are thinking about opening a second or third tasting room location. Knowing your system can handle real time or true inventory at each location is supreme peace of mind. Active is the answer to all the above concerns.

For more specifics on Active and how Active’s All-In-One POS sales software sales system can give your winery/distillery business a boost in efficiencies and an uptick on your bottom line (ROI), contact to request a demo.

About Active Club Solutions:

Active Club Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of DTC sales solutions (Mobile Winery POS, club software, ecommerce, website design). Our mission is to provide a single and comprehensive sales system for firms selling direct to the consumer. Active Club Solutions has been providing DTC sales solutions to wineries, distilleries, and wine stores that seek to elevate sales and maximize service. Today the company has an entire suite of sales tools all in one single database. Active Club Solutions’ commitment to developing and continually improving its sales software and service has made us a leading and well-respected partner and provider of direct sales software with a commitment to quality and customer success.

For more information, visit To Request a Demo email or call 1-877-441-2582 x. 52.


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