Paypros Decline Minimizer


Why Wine Clubs need OpenEdge Decline Minimizer

Have you ever had to deal with expired or re-issued cards? Well Active Club Solutions and OpenEdge have a solution for you!

OpenEdge Decline Minimizer automatically updates credit and debit cards…so you don’t have to!

Decline Minimizer Benefits:

  • Sell more – increase revenue by decreasing wine club cancellations.
  • Get paid quicker – improve your cash flow.
  • Save on card updating costs – use your staff’s time to grow your business instead.
  • Improve customer satisfaction – deliver wine without delays.


  • OpenEdge updates your stored cards daily and automatically.
  • When you run transactions, the updated card data is used.
  • No set-up fee or any work on your part to use this service.
  • Just tell OpenEdge that you want your cards updated and that’s it.

Wine Club Use Cases – Impact of Card Declines:

When businesses call customers to update cards, there’s the risk of customers cancelling, realizing they don’t truly need the service.

For Example:

  • You have 20 quarterly cancellations that are an average $135 per order, totaling $2,700 in lost revenue per quarter, and that’s $10,800 per year!
  • 66% of declined cards are prevented by OpenEdge Decline Minimizer, meaning your bottom line could increase by $7,128!

Its Simple:

Call or email us today!
877-441-2582 ext 56,

Or contact OpenEdge directly for more information:
866-841-9790 or email


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