In the Tasting Room Manager’s Shoes

You have planned your strategy, forecasted your budget, and implemented best practices for your tasting room staff. Faithfully every month you prepare your reports and gage progress against P&L to present to the upper management or ownership. You review data analytic reports throughout the month and notice a trend. Your visitor traffic has declined, yet as a secondary result your per person spend is up. You praise your staff for their effort as they are spending more time with each customer making the total sale higher than ever. Even with the per person spend increase, because the decline in traffic to your tasting room, you note gross sales are down on merchandise, wine sales and club sign-ups. Six months have already passed and now you need to react in some fashion to the lighter customer flow, so you can make up the difference in your numbers and keep your bosses happy. What is a tasting room manager to do?

If you have an all-in-one data base or a savvy data management system you can search your records to find ad hoc solutions that can help you mitigate the downward trends in revenue you are noticing. You have time to react and time to take a different tact that will ultimately help you to make the most of the next six months; to capitalize on meeting your numbers despite the lower visitor count in the tasting room. If you are a larger winery or distillery you can call in your marketing department to fill the gaps with new marketing programs. When you are a smaller scale winery or distillery and you already wear many hats; it is up to you to come with new ideas to stimulate your revenue streams.

What are quick fix ideas based on your data reporting that could ease the downward decline of your revenues and get you back on track to your annual target goal? Email marketing is a quick fix solution. You review your inventory and come up with an email campaign that reaches the folks most likely to purchase because they have purchased from you before and you are inviting them to a “special” that is too compelling not to buy. You segment your email customers with an offer that is not available anywhere else, or you offer a pre-release, a library product, a discount on merchandise or shipping, or maybe a special invite to meet the winemaker in another city for dinner or a reception. You used your data to tell you what to do next. Your complete system allows you to send branded marketing messages and offers to your customer’s home or office 24/7.

Active’s Mobile all-in-one system will help you and your staff take control of a negative trend of dwindling customer traffic affecting your bottom line. By simplifying tasks, offering real time data answers giving you as the tasting room manager other ways of stimulating your staff to sell more smartly with less effort. Active’s easy iPad POS is designed for busy winery/distillery tasting rooms, craft beverage businesses, and retail locations. It includes powerful club features, inventory management, marketing emails, alcohol shipping, tips functionality, kiosk feature, loyalty/gift cards capabilities, and kitchen/fulfillment printing built right in. It communicates live with your unique master database, so it is always current with customer and inventory data.

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