How to Grow Your Sales with CRM

No matter the business size, whether winery or distillery, businesses that succeed with their CRM Strategy, do a couple of things very smartly. First, they recognize the right CRM software implemented will perform exactly for their needs. Second, they explore more possibilities to scale and grow their business with the use of data technology. It’s simply working smarter, not harder for economic gains once the business decision is made.

When it comes to ways to increase sales using CRM, implementation of the right CRM software platform is the first of the actionable steps you need to take. If you are still using a notepad or an excel spreadsheet to track your customers, you are working in the “dark ages” with little or no efficiency. “CRM applications increase revenue of up to 41% per sales person.”
Source: Benchmark Studies, according to Search CRM

With a well-managed client database, automated communications, forecast accuracy and a comprehensive overview of sales stats, including dynamic reporting features, business goals can be defined and met with near certainty. CRM software technologies have become an invaluable management tool that not only simplifies or streamlines your business but also boosts your sales and productivity.

But that’s not all. In a way, by discussing how to grow your sales, we will underline what features you should be looking for while selecting a CRM software system for your organization, to increase sales using CRM software technology. While reading this article, if you find your CRM software not being able to do all this for you, it’s the time for you to switch and go for a better equipped, all in one, mobile, CRM software system. Let’s examine the items for consideration and all the ways to increase your sales using a CRM.

Know Your Customer

When you know your customer (likes and dislikes, frequency, $$$) you are better able to target them with an offer they are likely to buy. According to Marketing Metrics it’s far easier to (about 50% easier) sell to existing customers than to brand new prospects.

Reward Your Loyal Customers

Giving your return customers and loyal club customers perks (whether points, dollars, or bottles) works in your favor in the long run. Bain & Co. states that a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%! Referral business closes and concerts more than 70% of the time according to Jonathan F. of Canada Goose Thompson Jacket.

Segment Your Customer Base

Using the Pareto Principle here, 80% of your revenue comes from the top 20% of your customers. You need to identify your top 20% in your current pool of consumers, so you can better target market them to maximize revenues for your bottom line. If you are not segmenting your list, you are essentially just throwing a dart at the board hoping it hits!

Renew Your Dead Opportunities

Never give up on your prospects. Your mantra should be “until they buy or die”, according to Pipedrive CRM.

Be in Constant Touch with Your Present Clients Beyond Work

It takes 9 new customer interactions to become somewhat loyal. If it takes that long why lose them? Stay in touch with them, especially on celebratory occasions such as birthday, anniversary with spouse and as a customer and more. This special attention will help you stand out from the crowd of other wineries or distilleries.

Connect Your Website to CRM Basic (first) then Advanced

“35 – 50% of sales go to vendor that responds first when speaking of lead management. In advanced mode, 57% of marketers acquire new customers from blogging,” State of Inbound Marketing, Hubspot March 2012

Generate Fresh Leads on Automation

Place lead capturing forms discussed above on your site at most potential places. Additionally, track your site visitors. Offer something useful to the visitors (discount on product or shipping) for them whom you are targeting. Gather their email Ids in your CRM. Set your email marketing campaigns.

Reduce Data Duplication

Data duplication is a major problem in business, as it reduces your efficiency, generates mistakes, and wastes your productive time. Share the leads or opportunity data with your team. This way no one must send data to any department, so there is no data duplication at all. This saves your sales reps to replicate the information to higher authorities. Saves lead execution time and improves performance.

Use CRM Software to the See BIG Picture

Make use of the reports and analysis section of your CRM Software. Allow sales analysis access to your sales managers as well. Build a strategy for managers to track your pipelines. Divide your sales opportunity pipeline into number of definable stages.

Automate Your Business Process

Automation on the best strategy that works in your industry will give you a definite edge over your competition, when you can appoint a CRM Software for this why leave it anyway. “Companies that automate lead management see a 10% or greater increase in revenue in 6-9 months.” Source: Gartner Research

Bottom line is that use of a CRM empowers your winery or distillery to induce your customers to return. Your actual sales increase as a result. A CRM allows you to up-sell and cross promote your products and events. Finally, a CRM system allows you to initiate referral schemes and track the results even rewarding the staff or customers who help you grow your business!

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