Cloud VS. Browser: What is the Difference?

The line between a cloud app (cloud) and a web app (browser) remains as unclear as ever. This is because of the natural similarities that exist between them. Active’s belief however, is that there are notable variances, especially when looking to leverage cloud apps for richer user customization experience and seamless integration with resilient and scalable back-end infrastructure.

As a winery or distillery why does this element even matter as a point of discussion? How will this have an impact in your craft business bottom line and overall operation? One reason to consider in switching to the cloud is the tight security, free from “cookies” and other browser tracking devices that allow Active users a faster response time. Using the cloud technology, Active also allows multiple users on many devices throughout your estate, lounge or retail setting. Your team is able to sell more with ease keeping your customer information safe and secure with all the transactions going through your system on a busy weekend at your facility or event.

Basically, a cloud app is merely a web app on steroids if not a hybrid of the two methodologies. It accesses the internet like a regular web page/app but the difference being it does not always exclusively depend upon web browsers to work. Advanced features are more than likely to be such as:
• Data is stored in a cloud or cloud like infrastructure
• Data can be cached locally for full-offline mode
• Access can be used from a web browser and or custom-built apps installed on internet connected devices such as desktops, mobile phones and iPads
• Can be used to access a wider range of services as in on demand computing cycle, storage, application development platform

If you want the ultimate in speed, security and support, Active has you covered. Active’s easy iPad POS is designed for busy winery tasting rooms, craft beverage businesses, and retail locations. It includes powerful club features, inventory management, alcohol shipping, tips functionality, and kitchen/fulfillment printing built right in. Active’s native app allows you to communicate live with your unique master database, so it is always current with customer and inventory data. To request a DEMO contact directly. Or, visit our website for more information at


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