Active’s Hot New Features: Loyalty and Gift Cards

When you become a client with Active your POS customer management system now includes the ability to use Loyalty Cards and Gift Cards; to keep your customers returning more frequently purchasing more of your delectable “grape or grain passion.” This helps you maintain records of your customers purchases and showers extra perks to the 20% of your fans that buy 80% of your collectible craft beverages!

So how do “points” work? Once the set-up has occurred in the database tables Merchant, Inventory, Rules and POS Configuration, purchases are tracked. For every purchase made by the customer points are added to their loyalty account. The points awarded are based on the selling price of the order which excludes taxes, shipping and handling, and tips. Loyalty points are added on an order created on the POS, Club, Cart or Manager. A credit reverses the points on a loyalty account. Loyalty points can be redeemed on the POS, Cart, and Manager. With loyalty cards these are personalized with name and account and are tied specifically to their personal account at your winery or distillery.

Gift Cards work a couple of ways. Set up happens in the tables noted as Merchant, Inventory and POS configuration. Then in Active Manager the card numbers are generated as a batch in Gift Card interface. Export to CSV file first, then send the file to the printer. Issued cards can be completed on the POS or via mail. Essentially the procedures for gift cards vary from loyalty cards as there is no customer data attached to the gift cards. The cards are like cash. You can make a batch of generic cards then scan and hand out directly at the POS. Another method is to create personalized cards by customer and distribute by mail or hand out at POS. Even a combination of the two above choices can be done, such as, generic for non-members and personalized for members. Lastly, different cards for different clubs can be created such as Gold, Silver, Bronze denoting levels of club too. Even, and this may seem strange, using any existing card with a bar scanner code such as cereal box top, driver’s license, library card or such can be used as well.

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About Active Club Solutions:

Active Club Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of DTC sales technology solutions (Mobile Winery POS, club software, ecommerce, website design). Our mission is to provide a single and comprehensive sales platform for firms selling direct to the consumer. Active Club Solutions has been providing DTC sales technology solutions to wineries, distilleries, and wine stores that seek to elevate sales and maximize service. Today the company has an entire suite of sales tools all in one single database. Active Club Solutions’ commitment to developing and continually improving its sales software and service has made us a leading and well-respected provider of direct sales software with a commitment to quality and customer success.

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