A word from the President on QuickBooks Integrations

wine online store intuit quickbooks integration

You may be skeptical of QuickBooks interfaces. You have every right to be skeptical because it is sold by everyone and rarely works.  With an accounting interface the devil is in the details and there are a lot of details to make it work properly.

I have been writing accounting software for 30 years.  I have written interfaces to large corporate systems like Sage, Accura and Solomon.   I started interfacing with QuickBooks in 1987.

We would be most happy to show you the system in action and you could ask detailed questions at that time.  It makes me very happy when a winery takes accounting seriously.  It means all the efforts we have put into this feature actually gets used.

Here are the highlights.

  • Transfer Sales Receipts to QuickBooks.
    • Origin taxes using QuickBooks Item Sales Tax
    • Destinations taxes using QuickBooks Item Sales Tax
    • Freight and handling uses QuickBooks Other Charge
    • Taxable freight and handling uses QuickBooks Other Charge
    • All possible Sales Receipt fields are filled in – several using definable Rules
    • Class definition of sales by state or transaction type.
  • Automatic insertion of customers missing from accounting database
  • Automatic insertion of inventory missing from accounting database
  • Transfer of Credit Memos to QuickBooks.
  • Read Sales Tax Structure from QuickBooks, including Item Sales Taxes and Tax Codes.  Automatically map to ACM layout.
  • Read Chart of Accounts from QuickBooks.
  • Read/Write (insert/update) customers records.
  • Read/Write (insert/update) inventory or assembly records.
  • Synchronization of customer ids from QuickBooks to ACM.
  • Support for QuickBooks inventory “sites”.
  • Superior error messaging to Job Log (No hunting and pecking to find the cause of errors on transfers).
  • Detailed instruction manual.

If you are interested in pursuing this further please let us know.


Arne Haugland


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