Marketing and Customer Relationship Management


We know that customer communication and reporting is vital to growing a business, so we have provided you with important tools.

  • all reports and e-mails are extensively customizable
  • e-mail templates
  • e-mail templates with full access to database fields
  • integrated and automated e-mail communication with customers
  • built-in employee incentive system
  • automated birthday cards (member and spouse)
  • automated membership anniversary cards
  • automated wedding anniversary cards
  • automated welcome letters
  • automated financial reporting
  • address validation
  • e-mail address validation
  • club cancellation tracking, automated expiration and suspension features
  • built-in customer source tracking
  • customer preference tracking
  • membership statistics snapshots
  • numerous real-time dashboards
  • packages delivered e-mail
  • shipping problem notifications
  • member proximity determination
  • advanced gift and promo features
  • easy personalized customer e-mails sent from where your working

E-mail Tracking

Our software includes, built right in, the tracking of all e-mail events and links these events to customers, transactions, processes, organizations, and staff. This is not just a benefit designed for e-mail campaigns but for all e-mails whether marketing or stock alerts.

  • detailed reporting and analytics tied seamlessly to your customer, process, financial, and staff data
  • fully searchable with our advanced searching functionality
  • up-to-the-minute updates in real-time built into the software
  • dive into the details of all the outbound messages delivered, opened, clicked, and failed
  • tracks complaints, unsubscribes, and critical bounce processing information
  • works for all e-mails whether to customers, vendors, wholesalers, or staff

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